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Wave Analysis That Is Better Than
The Elliott Wave Trader theory

The classic Elliott Wave theory is dead — Long Live Wave theory!

Why the classic Elliott Wave theory is useless in trading

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Why the market keeps following

We can identify six distinctive groups of traders that differ in the way how they perceive incoming information, react to ideas produced by other groups and make they own trades Read more…

Intraday Analysis & 

Wave Analysis of the US Stock Indices, Gold, Silver, Crude Oil and Natural Gas charts is posted on the web site from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM EST. You get email notifications about every new update.

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You get more intraday updates, ongoing Q&A session and  CastAwayTrader shares his own trades with stocks and options.

The main benefit of joining the chat is ongoing process of teaching and mentorship. CastAwayTrader explains every trade and every setup in the light of Elliott Wave Trader. There is no such thing as “proprietary indicators”.

Elliott Wave Trader

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Predict The Market With The Harmonic Elliott Wave Analysis

Learn How to Nail Tops and Bottoms in Any Market. This course will teach you how to predict the next market move and become a pro Elliott wave trader.

Predict The Market With The Harmonic Elliott Wave Analysis - elliott wave trader
How to trade like a pro - Elliott Wave Trader

How To Trade Like a Pro

How to Use Wave Analysis to Find Winning Trading Setups. This course will teach you hot to recognize high probability winning trading setups, how to set targets and protective stops

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