Premium Plan 2020: Private Discord Chat.

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1. Private Premium Chat:

  1. You get updates of all the chart 5 – 10 min before e-mail alerts sent to other subscribers.
  2. You can ask me questions and get my comments from 8.30 AM EST to 10.30 PM EST.
  3. In the private chat you can participate in discussion of alternative counts and suggest your own wave counts.
  4. In the chat you get access to new lessons from the Pro-course and my trading tips and trading rules of thumb.

2. The monthly basic subscription rate is $149.99/month.

2.1. New users may subscribe for 15 day trial period for only $49.99. After expiration of 15 day trial period you will be charged the subscription rate in full amount of $149.99 for the following month. A trial period with a special reduced rate is only available for new users. One user is allowed to use only one trial period.

3. The basic subscription rate of $149.99/month lets you choose coverage of any two markets from the list below:

  • Micro Counts of the US Stock Indices and
  • Micro Counts of the Crude Oil and Natural Gas and
  • Micro Counts of Gold, Silver and Gold miners ETFs (GDX, GDXJ)
  • Topping Momentum Stocks and Bottoming Value Stocks.
  • You can add coverage of the 3rd and the 4th markets for additional $49.99/month per market.

4. You will get the full access to all the markets during 15 day trial period.

5. You will get e-mail alerts with updated charts and comments by CastAwayTrader starting from 8.30 AM EST to 10.30 PM EST.

6. This plan is valid until 9/30/2020. This plan may be changed or cancelled by CastAway Trader LLC on or after 10/01/2020. If this plan is cancelled after 9/30/2020 you will have to re-subscribe and choose a new subscription plan.

7. You will be charged automatically every 30 days until you cancel subscription.

8. If you cancel your subscription you will not be eligible for a refund. But you will retain access to the subscription until it expires.