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"I joined the premium Trading Chat Room a month ago and have had A consistent win percentage with the trades discussed. Castaway understands wave analysis and most importantly does a great job teaching the strategy. Thanks again for sharing and teaching your knowledge. Castaway gave me confidence that I didn’t have before."
Brian Nelson
“Being part of the Castaway Trader private community (Trading Chat Room) has ridiculously accelerated the growth of my account in last 25 days! If you are looking for a community of like minded individuals who treat trading as a profession rather than a hobby, this place is for you! CastAway Trader is a great teacher and you really get to see the Harmonic Elliot Wave analysis in action. It's been amazing to bounce ideas off of Cast Away, and he's helped me prevent FOMO a few times too! If you are tired of bad win% and are wanting to turn your machine gun style of trading into a sniper, I urge you to join us!”
"CastAwayTrader has shown me in just a few weeks the importance of having a game plan, sticking to the plan, patience and waiting for the set-up to place your trade in the target zone. Before joining I would leap into a trade like volatility way too early but now i am able to wait, buy at the right time and increase my chances for a nice profit. As a rookie trader CastAwayTrader has been great in providing training, daily updates and real time feedback. What more can you ask for in a room?!"
Brad Robertson
"CastawayTrader's patient and accurate charting of stock moves make him one of the best services I have ever followed - and I have been trading for 20 years!"
Chad A.
“Casta provides members with super high quality counts, and he does so for a great variety of spaces, u.s indices, metal, miners, crude, natural gas. he also gives value picks, topping stocks, sector ETF counts. count quality is top notch and very tradeable, with clarity not alt here alt there senarios we see on other EWT sites . He does this with dedication, timely update through out the day. He also publishes his own trade live. One can learn from his great teaching or just trade his counts. what more can we ask? I have been getting close to 80% winning trades last month or so. very happy and thank you Casta!”
"I started with you about 3 weeks you said learning, reading and following you!! I am almost double my initial investment. I lost so much money before you so ty ty ty!! Once Im more confiident I will do the courses. This has been lifechanging for me!! thanks again!!"
“First of all, the main difference is we do have a professor in the room who is trying to teach everyone everything that he knows by hearth non stop with a huge patience and especially for beginners like me. So while you are following the market you have a deep learning sessions and Q&A non stop. Second one, is the great analysis of where things can go right and wrong, so this is a huge value because you know what to expect from a trade before even going into a trade, not many people do provide this since most are biased and blame market and not their own work so here we do have a full transparency and accept that we don't have a crystal ball. Third one, CastAway is hands on with the trades and shares his trades live!!!! So this again for beginners or anyone is a great tool to follow his trades , understand his reading and accept the risk with justification, so no bla bla and no ifs and thens, very clear open transparent outlook. Last but not the least, for somehow CastAway is always on the market and following the markets , so as soon as he sees something he informs you, right or wrong, and this gives me a luxury sometimes not to follow the market”.
"I use CastAwayTrader Premium Trading Chat Room as my primary reference for understanding market direction and market structure. CastAwayTrader gives a clear visual reference with a clear explanation allowing traders and investors to have a clear expectation for the market direction and the developing structure. CastAwayTrader is also always willing to analyze new securities, and give his thoughts typically with a prompt turnaround. After months of interacting daily with CastAwayTrader I have learned how to create my own valuable and consistent market views, and I also feel like I have gained a partner in the markets to help guide my trading. Over the years I have subsribed to many monthly trading services. Whats unique about CastAwayTrader service is there is no ambiguity in his expectation on market direction. He gives actionable advice, followed by critical analysis of what occurred in the market. Although it is rare his count if far off, when he is wrong it is quickly acknowledged, and we move on to the next setup !"
Jomathan West
“I started over a month ago after a rough trading rut. Since beginning the course, I have learned that news is noise and charts tell the truth. Last six trades have ranged between 30-300% returns. Anybody can click buttons, but learning how to predict moves and take profits by having goals has changed my approach and profitability. I am learning everyday and my charts are improving (far from perfect). Castaway Trader will respond and post his own charts for comparison. Each day I am getting closer to understanding HEW and developing more confidence in my trading. Highly recommend the course and full service chat which has been a guiding light and sanity check before making a trade!”.
"What a great year because I joined your service! Retirement account where I only trade ETF is up 100 percent since May . And my new account for options and futures is up 95 percent since last week of September so thank you very much !!!"
Georgetown SC

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