KRE- micro count confirms my $58 target for this move up

In the update posted on 9 February 2019 I showed on the chart below that the main target area for the rally in KRE was at $58. This morning I updated this micro count. Please scroll below.

KRE - 15 min chart updated on 9 February 2019

The micro count on the 15 min chart below suggests that we saw a top of a micro wave iii up at 57.20 yesterday and now we may get lower to 56.00 in a micro wave iv. After that pullback we will be left with one more push up in a micro wave v up that would complete five wave fractal started at 44.00 on 26 December 2018. Once that fractals tops out we will see a corrective pullback in wave B down that may retrace 50%-61.8%-76.4% of that two month long rally.

KRE - 15 min chart updated on 22 February 2019