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Corrective Structures.

Corrective Structures.

Simple Zig-Zag  is the strongest type of a corrective wave.  Waves A and C have impulsive structure. That is why corrective moves of this type are fast and deep.


The best way to understand how this pattern works is to study collection of charts with real life examples.

  1. Introduction to Section 6 “Corrective Waves”.
  2. Simple Zig-Zag.
  3. How to trade Simple Zig-Zag.
  4. Regular Flat.
  5. Bonus: Trading corrective waves shaped as a Regular Flat.
  6. Running Flat.
  7. Expanded Flat.
  8. Correction Shaped as a Triangle.
  9. Bonus: Triangle can play dirty tricky games.
  10. Triangle: Key Takeaways.
  11. Wave B is the least predictable beast.
  12. Bonus.Wave B explained.
  13. Two types of corrective structures: “through time” vs “throw price”.
  14. Complex Corrective Pattern: Double Three.
  15. Guidance on Alternation Between Corrective Waves