Cyber Monday Quarterly: Premium Chat: three-months-$299

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Get a Full Access to the Premium Chat and all the charts, analysis and forecasts posted on the web-site!

The Plan includes coverage of:

( 1 ) the US Stock Indices (ES, NQ, RTY), and

( 2 ) Crude Oil and Natural Gas (CL and NG), and

( 3 ) Trading Setups in Momentum Stocks, and

( 5 ) precious metals, Gold (GC ) and Silver (Si) as well as Gold Miners ETF GDX;

This plan provides access to :

( 1 ) charts and analysis posted in the Trading Chat and on the web-site; and

( 2 ) proprietary indicators for TradingView that catch short-term tops and bottoms, confirm start of new299 trends and identify critical support and resistance levels. Indicators send alerts to your personal email; and

This offer is valid until 1 Dec 2021.

  1. Under this promotional plan you subscribe for the next three months and you will be charged one payment in amount of $299.00. The regular rate for three month subscription plan is $149.99 x 3 months =  $449.97.
  2. You save 33% off the regular rate or $150!
  3. After expiration of the pre-paid three month period this plan will be renewed automatically and your card will be charged $299 quarterly payment for the following three months.
  4. This promotional plan is available for subscription only until December 1, 2021.
  5. You can cancel subscription at any time.
  6. If you cancel your subscription you will not be eligible for any refund.
    But you will retain access to the subscription until the end of 90 day period starting on the day of the last payment.
  7. We will not be posting intraday updates during two vacation weeks: 02/21/2022 – 02/25/2022 and 07/11/2022 – 07/16/2022.