DIS the ultimate target for this rally may be over $160

DIS has been nicely following the Five Wave Up fractal off the lows of 2002. I count the top made at 122.08 in August 2015 as the top of wave ( 3 ) up. Then DIS played a textbook Simple Zig-Zag corrective pattern in the wave ( 4 ) down. Off that bottom made at 86.25 in Feb 2016 Dis had to play the final wave ( 5 ) up structured as (A) up, ( B ) down and ( C) up. Wave ( A ) of ( 5 ) topped at 116.10 in April 2017. A corrective wave ( B ) of ( 5 ) down bottomed at 96.20 in September 2017. Off that bottom we are left with the final rally in wav e( C ) of ( 5 ) up that has to be subdivided into waves 1,2,3,4, and 5 of a smaller degree. This spike up is only the first leg of the wave 3, its subwave A up. Now it is due for a pullback in wave B down followed by another strong rally in wave C of 3 that may target 148.90 – 155. Then we may get another pullback in wave 4 down followed by the very final push up in the wave 5 of (C) of (5).

DIS - weekly chart updated on 4/12/2019

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