BTC - the expected final drop has started!

My previous post published two days ago had a telling headline: “BTC – time for the final drop has come”.

And now we are getting wave a of iii down. I can only reiterate what I wrote last time:

That final wave c of ii down should be subdivided into five waves. And so far we have got wave i down and wave ii up. The next move may be a sharp drop in wave iii to 3,840 or even lower.

At this point I am clarifying my target for that final drop down that would complete wave ii down and set up a stage for a new rally targeting new 2019 high. Currently I expect that drop will complete at 3,780 – 3,700. Then the next rally in wave a of iii should target 4,650-4,850.”

BTC - 30 min chart updated on 3/25/2019

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