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"I joined the premium chat a month ago and have had a consistent win percentage with the trades discussed. Castaway understands wave analysis and most importantly does a great job teaching the strategy. Thanks again for sharing and teaching your knowledge. Castaway gave me confidence that I didn’t have before."
Brian Nelson
“Being part of the Castaway Trader private community has ridiculously accelerated the growth of my account in last 25 days! If you are looking for a community of like minded individuals who treat trading as a profession rather than a hobby, this place is for you! CastAway Trader is a great teacher and you really get to see the Harmonic Elliot Wave analysis in action. It's been amazing to bounce ideas off of Cast Away, and he's helped me prevent FOMO a few times too! If you are tired of bad win% and are wanting to turn your machine gun style of trading into a sniper, I urge you to join us!”
"CastAwayTrader has shown me in just a few weeks the importance of having a game plan, sticking to the plan, patience and waiting for the set-up to place your trade in the target zone. Before joining I would leap into a trade like volatility way too early but now i am able to wait, buy at the right time and increase my chances for a nice profit. As a rookie trader CastAwayTrader has been great in providing training, daily updates and real time feedback. What more can you ask for in a room?!"
Dan Ellis

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