URBN - nailed that gorgeous LONG setup for a great company

You may have heard that on Monday I launched my private @Discord room where I post all the setups I watch.

URBN became one of several successful setups and winning trades I posted there. On Monday I posted that chart I warned my followers that this setup may be an easy money.

URBN - 30 min chart updated on 4 March 2019

Yesterday after close URBN published really good numbers but despite that stock spiked right into the green box. At 5-16 PM I posted a chart below to remind my followers about that setup we had been watching.

URBN - 30 min chart updated on 5 March 2019

This morning URBN delivered a strong expected spike up! The great setup pair really well. What could be better then quick and easy money?!

URBN - 30 min chart updated on 6 March 2019

I believe we may soon get another entry into URBN. Unfortunately, I can not post frequent updates on this site. If you want to follow my regular updates join my private @discord chat for subscribers of my course. If you subscribe to my video course you will get an invitation to my private chat for free until 31 May 2019!