Ford bottomed right into my target zone

Ford (symbol “F”) is one of the cheapest companies at the moment. The whole company is valued as x4.2 annual free cash flow. It pays 6.3% dividend.

I count that huge (A)-(B)-(C) move down off the top made in January 2011 as having completed.

The last update I posted in May 2018 where I highlighted the my expectations for it to make micro count wave iv up and then the final decline in the wave v of 5 of ( C ) down.

F - Weekly chart updated on 29 May 2018

Ford has followed that count nicely and bottomed at 8.17 in October 2018 five months after I posted my count.

As you can see below the target zone I posted in May was  8.92 – 8.15.

F - Weekly chart updated on 12 November 2018

Ford has enough waves to consider that huge corrective pattern completed. It still can make a nominal new lower low but does not have to. We may start looking for the first waves 1 up and 2 down on a lower time frame to open a LONG position.