BA - approached the Target

On 12 March 2019 when the crowd got outright bearish about Boeing I posted a long read explaining that stock would not be crushed. I showed a count which explained decline as an orderly corrective wave B of 5. The target zone for the decline was drawn on the chart in between of 342.90 and 328.

Yesterday, two months later BA has hit the target! We have got a corrective looking decline in wave B down subdivided into three waves: (a) down, (b) up and the final (c) down. That final wave (c) down has to be subdivided into five micro waves and yesterday it might have bottomed in micro wave iii down. That means we may get a pullback in wave iv up followed by another decline in the final wave v of ( c ) of B of 5 deeper into the Green Target box. After that wave B down gets completed we should get another strong rally to a new all time high in wave C of 5 up.

BA - 90 min chart updated on 5/14/2019

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