Bitcoin - I expect the first leg up to reach 4,500

As I posted on 15 Dec 2018, BTC has perfectly completed a macro and micro structure of the decline off the top in December 2017. 
Because I count that decline as a correction, now we should watch for the first a-b-c move off the low that would be wave i up of a new rally. At this point the first confirmation that the correction has completed and the rally has started would be breaking out through resistance of 4,490. That was the top of micro wave iv up. The next important resistance is 6,600, the top of wave ii of ( c ) of ( v ). In ideal world we can reach the higher resistance in wave c of i.

and Then we can get a deep pullback to 4,000 in wave ii down ( see the green box on my chart). That would be a very nice high probability long setup because conventional traders would read that formation as an inverse head and shoulders.

Bitcoin - Daily chart updated on 20 Decmeber 2018