TVIX remains the most precise predictive tool for tops in the market

At 9:30 AM on 17 April 2019 I wrote to my subscribers: “TVIX  has a nice completed bottoming structure that arrived into the Green Target Box. I am long volatility and expect a pullback in the US indices before the weekend or immediately after it.” At that moment TVIX was traded at 19.69.

TVIX - 15 min chart updated at 9:30 AM on 4/17/2019

On 5 min chart below you can see that within 3 hours after my update TVIX jumped to 20.96. Moreover, the next day it jumped to 21.30 in overnight session.

On 18 April 2019 I posted another update where I warned my subscribers about new lows to come:

“The structure of the spike off the Wednesday’s low looks corrective. First, you may see that neither wave A up nor wave C up has an complete five up micro structure. Second, wave C up failed to extend even to 100% extension of the wave A up. Normally it stretches to 123.6% ext or 176.4% ext. That is why I count that spike as another corrective bounce before the final push up lower. That lower low would reset the count and TVIX will try to go up again and may be that time it will show its strength with a nice impulsive looking pattern. I will be a buyer when TVIX hits a new lower low.”

When I posted that warning TVIX was traded at 19.89. Today TWIX closed at 18.86, 5.2% lower. 

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TVIX - 5 min chart updated on 4/18/2019