TVIX - keeps showing the real market intention

In my last update on TVIX on 25 March 2019 I shared a bearish outlook.

I keep watching TVIX because it tends to have much cleaner count than any US market index. And if TVIX has a bearish setup that normally means that market will keep climbing. You may want to watch my this video and that video about using TVIX as confirmation for trading ES and SPY.

Let me show you how I have been tracking TVIX in my private educational chat. Let’s start from a chart posted on Monday, 25 March 2019

TVIX - 90 min chart updated on 2/25/2019

The very next morning on Tuesday TVIX opened with a huge gap down:

TVIX - 90 min chart updated on 2/26/2019

On Wednesday 27 March 2017 TVIX got back up to fill the gap down. I posted for my followers:

“TVIX has painted another bearish candle.”

TVIX - 90 min chart updated on 2/27/2019

On Thursday morning I posted a chart with propose bearish path for TVIX.

TVIX - 90 min chart updated on 2/28/2019

This morning TVIX opened with another gap down confirming its intention to keep moving along the bearish path I drew for it. 

Again, TVIX has been a great guide showing the real intentions of the market. Volatility has topped in a corrective wave B of 5 down and at this point we should get another full five waves down to a new low in 2019 to start talking about shorting the US indices again.

TVIX - 90 min chart updated on 2/29/2019

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