SPY - should get lower

You may have heard that I launched my own private discord chat room on Monday. Yesterday at 8:33 AM  I posted the chart below predicting a drop in wave ( c ) down.

SPY - 15 min chart updated on 5 March 2019

At this point SPY (please see the updated chart below ) just does not look like it has completed that downside structure. That fat unfilled gap up should get filled. The target at 274.40 looks really solid.

SPY - 15 min chart updated on 6 March 2019

I believe we may soon get another entry into SPY. Unfortunately, I can not post frequent updates on this site during trading hours. If you want to follow my regular updates join my private @discord chat for subscribers of my course. If you subscribe to my video course you will get an invitation to my private chat for a free until 31 May 2019!