Russell has to catch up with Nasdaq and S&P

RUT has the very same count as Nasdaq Composite and S&P.

For all three indices the current rally started in Dec 2018 should be counted as an impulsive move up in a large wave ( A ) of ( 5 ). This current rally has to be subdivided into five waves. We are about to top in the wave ( iii ) which is normally the strongest part of the rally. SPX and COMPX are far ahead of Russell so it should catch up and stretch to 1,630-1,645. Then we should get a pullback in a corrective wave ( iv ) down targeting 1,537 – 1,500. Then we should get the final rally to a new higher high. That would be a completion of the large rally started in December 2018.

RUT - 45 min chart updated on 3/22/2019

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