Yesterday I posted for my subscribers the report below. I pointed their attention to a fully completed corrective (a)-(b)-(c) pattern into my Red Green Target box. Today, as you might have noticed we have got a really nice rally that may be only the start of a rally in wave ( c ) of ( v ) that should complete the Five Wave up fractal started at the lows in December 2018. 

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RTY - looks having completed wave ( b ) down

RTY dropped into the green target box on 120 min chart:

RTY - 120 min chart updated at 12:33 PM on 5/13/2019

If we zoom-in to 45 min chart we may see a perfectly completed expanded flat (a)-(b)-(c) structure, where ( b ) made a fake breakout reaching a new higher high over the top made by wave ( a ) up. And teh final ( c ) down stretched to a textbook 223.6% extension of wave ( a ) down.

RTY - 45 min chart updated at 12:33 PM on 5/13/2019