RTY - still keeps two different paths alive

RTY topped in wave ( iii ) up off December 2018 low at 1608.80 on 25 Feb 2019. Off that top RTY played a complex correction down structured as (w)-(x)-(y).

Now we have two main options. The first option is that that pullback was all of the corrective wave ( iv ) down. The the a-b-c move up that topped today is wave i up and we are working on a corrective decline in wave ii down (see the blue path ). That wave ii down should hold the previous low at 1,497.40.

Another option is the bearish one ( see the red path ). Under that option the a-b-c move up off 1,497.40 low was a corrective wave xx up. That count implies another a-b-c shaped decline that should go under 1,497.40 but should hold over the critical support at 1,449.50.

There are times in the market when too many options are on the table. This is when you should not trade and wait for the market to confirm any specific scenario.

RTY - 120 min chart updated on 3/29/2019

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