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I sent that report to my subscribers at 12-20 PM on FOMC day, on Wednesday, June 19th, 2019.

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ES - keeps working on that micro wave c down

ES has been working on a corrective micro wave iv down structured as a-b-c. There are three most common extensions for subwave c in any corrective a-b-c pattern: 123.6% 114.6% 109.2%. Sometimes C stretches to 223.6% less common two are 100% and 76.4%. We should get another rally when that wave c of iv finds its bottom.

ES 4500 tick bar chart at 12-20 AM on 6-19-2019

ES dropped into the Green Target box to 2,915.25 after FOMC at 2.30 PM that day and started to rally as expected. Below you can see that it topped at 2,964.50 into the Red Target Box. That Red target Box did not move an inch since it was posted the previous day.

ES 4500 tick bar chart at 10-52 AM on 6-20-2019