ES mini - this drop does not look complete

You should memorize that look, a look of a gorgeous bearish wedge. That is a high probability shorting setup! You can see that slope of the lower trendline is steeper, bulls keep buying out every pullback. And every pullback becomes smaller and smaller. But bears make a stand. They defend that upper trendline, again and again until the very final move make a fake breakout and fall down hard.

Now we are looking at that final wave c down of the first leg down in wave ( a ) down. That subwave c should have an impulsive structure and subdivided into five micro waves.So far the low we have made has tagged the first target zone but I expect it to stretch lower.

The micro count has been posted for subscribers in the premium section.

ES mini - 120 min chart updated at 10:02 PM on 5/5/2019

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