Below is a report that I sent to my subscribers at 2:49 PM on Thursday, May 23rd, 2019. I warned them about ES getting into the buy zone and upcoming pullback. My Green Box started at 2,808.50 and ES bottomed at 2,805.75 17 minutes after that alert. Off that low ES produced 30+ points bounce to 2,842 that topped at 9.37 AM the following morning.

ES is dipping its toes into the Green Target Box

Again, ideally ES is about to hit the target for wave iii down. That bottom may produce a pullback up to 2,825-2,828 in wave iv up. And then we may get another push to a lower low in wave v down.

ES - 4,500 tick bar chart at 2:49 PM on 5/23/2019