ES has enough waves to consider it having topped

As you know I have recently launched subscription for my micro charts. My subscribers get updated 15 min and 45 min charts of ES, RTY, NQ and cash indices S&P, Nasdaq Composite and Russell throughout the day. Moreover, as a bonus they also get micro charts of TVIX.

What do I offer you? First, I offer you my Red and Green Target Boxes, high probability reversal zones. Look how those target boxes nailed important turns in ES mini. Second, I offer you detailed explanations why I put my zones there. I do not play with you those cynical black box games as other guys do. Because I want you to learn that technique. I share with you what I learned hard way. Third, you get consistency. I do not change my counts twice a day as other analysts do. Forth, I do not refer to my gut feeling, voices in my head or magic that make me convinced in my count. I am honest and if I see something I share it with you. If I see that there are several alternative scenarios and I do not have preference I show you those alternative scenarios with all pros and contra. Finally, I am here to serve you and help you to learn and become a professional trader. I am not here to play a know-it-all guru who uses a service to boost his own ego. This is my value proposition to you. That fat bundle would cost you only $19.99 a month. That is a damn good deal in my book! 

Now let’s come back to ES-mini. What makes a top the TOP is a combination of two things, a completed micro structure and hit of important extension. ES has already hit an important 223.6% extension at 2,909. And it has completed a micro structure. However, ES is a wild beast and very often overshoots ideal targets. I put my target box starting from 2,920sh because we have that upper trend line and as long as ES holds its critical support at 2,885 it has all chances to extend higher. I went short at close on Friday and ready to add to my short if ES tags my Red Target box on Monday morning.

ES - 120 min chart updated at 6:15 PM on 4/14/2019