DBA - Nailed the bottom again!!!

On 31 March 2019 I posted another green target box (chart below) and wrote:

“This drop looks like a corrective looking decline structured as a-b-c. I see two high probability target for that decline: 16.44 and 16.37. After this corrective wave ( b ) down finds its bottom we should see another rally in wave ( c ) up targeting at least 17.30-17.40.”

Read here how I nailed the previous bottom in DBA!

DBA - 15 min chart updated on 3/31/2019

DBA bottomed at 16.45 right inside my green target box! Since then we have been watching a strong rally. It is traded now at 16.94.

Now we have two potential scenarios. The first one is obviously bullish. That rally just can keep gong higher to 17.30+.

But there is another more evil scenario which, frankly speaking, I love better. In general I do not trust such vertical moves like we got this morning. Such moves are simply unsustainable. Therefore let me introduce you a slightly different scenario where a corrective wave ( b ) down ( the red count has not completed and still needs another drop to the same green box or even undercut it lower).

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DBA - 15 min chart updated on 4/04/2019

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