DBA - closed Friday in my green target box

On 1 March 2019 I posted a bullish chart (below) and noted that it has completed a corrective structure that started at the $43.50 top in February  2008. On march 1st I wrote:   “DBA is hitting a cluster of three different fibs at 16.35. It has a very clean bottoming structure”.

DBA - 15 min chart updated on 3/01/2019

In the second part of March we got a nice looking impulsive rally clearly subdivided into five micro waves (see below). I count that move up as wave (a) up. This is what I wrote in my private educational chat on 25 March 2019:

“DBA has taken out the first resistance confirming significance of this rally. Now I need a corrective ( b ) down to load”.

DBA - 15 min chart updated on 3/25/2019

Last Friday DBA dropped to my green target box as expected. This drop looks like a corrective looking decline structured as a-b-c. I see two high probability target for that decline: 16.44 and 16.37. After his corrective wave ( b ) down finds its bottom we should see another rally in wave ( c ) up targeting at least 17.30-17.40.

DBA - 15 min chart updated on 3/31/2019

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