Nasdaq Composite plays a textbook wave ( A ) of ( 5 ) up

According to the Harmonic Elliott Wave theory every tranding move follows a structure of the Five Wave Up fractal. Below you can see a model Five Wave Up fractal aligned with Nasdaq Composite.

The Five Wave Up fractal as porposed by the Harmonic Elliott Wave theory

The wave A of 5 which is topping now has specific features. Particularly, it always targets the previous top made by wave 3 up. For your convenience I post below a page from my video course “Predict the Market with Harmonic Elliott Wave Analysis”:

Wave A of 5 is always weak enough to make a sustainable breakout over the top of preceding rally in wave 3 up. 

Nasdaq Composite - daily chart updated on 4/23/2019

Do you know what happens next? Let me show you another page from my video course:

Start Learning now and Stop Freaking Out! This is not a breakout. We are going to get a multi week pullback down in wave ( B ) of ( 5 ) which will retrace a substantial part of the rally off December 2018 lows!