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On Friday morning I posted the chart below and wrote:

“Crude holds potential for another drop to complete wave ( iv ) down. Looking first at 90 min chart below you can see a clean corrective (a)-(b)-(c) down structure off the top of wave ( iii ) up. That is a wave ( iv ) down.”

“Ideally we need to get another push lower in micro wave v down to complete wave ( iv ) down and set a stage for another rally.”


Crude oil - 90 min chart updated on 5/3/2019

Crude got that expected push down to complete subwave ( c ) of wave ( iv ) down

On Sunday night I posted I warned subscribers that the corrective structure was completed: 

“Crude has got that final drop in micro wave v of ( c ) of ( iv ) into the Green Demand Zone. From here we can get another rally in wave ( v ) of C of ( B ).” 

Crude oil - 90 min chart updated at 7:30 PM on 5/5/2019

On Monday morning I posted a new update and wrote: 

This morning we see a move out of the low. Again, the correction may be completed. Crude still needs to play another (a)-(b)-(c) rally in the final wave ( v ) up.” 

Crude oil - 90 min chart updated at 9:15 AM on 5/6/2019

Crude has been climbing the whole day today. This is a message I got from my subscriber:
“Thanks CAT, you’re the best. Up 5.5% on UWT this morning on top of a 25% gain on DWT in a few days. Can’ beat that!”.

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Crude oil - 90 min chart updated at 3:55 PM on 5/6/2019