Crude Oil has been following my bearish micro count

Crude keeps moving down in its wave ( iii ). On 15 November 2018 I posted a chart (find it below ) where I expected a drop from 57 to 52.39.

Crude Oil- 45 min chart - updated on 15 November 2018

This morning crude dropped to  53.86 (please see the chart below). It still can extend to that green box and we still need to make another run lower fter a pullback because I count this move as only ave iii of c of ( iii ).

From that green box we should see corrective wave iv of c of ( iii ) and then another drop to a new low that would finally complete the large wave ( iii ) off the top reached on 3 October 2018 before we will see a large corrective wave ( iv ) up.

Crude Oil- 45 min chart - updated on 20 November 2018