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the Harmonic Elliott Wave theory

this course will teach you how to predict the next market move

BESTSELLING VIDEO Course for beginners

  • Rules regulating the main five wave fractal
  • Main Corrective fractals
  • Rules regulating the Five Wave fractals
  • Main features of the Five Wave fractal
  • Fractal nature of price structures
  • How Waves are Subdivided into Subwaves
  • Impulsive vs Corrective waves
  • Most common types of Corrective waves
  • Introduction to Fibonacci numbers
  • Calculation of major ratios using Fibonacci numbers
  • How to Measure and Predict Impulsive Waves
  • How to Measure and Predict Corrective Waves
  • How to use confluence of targets as high probability reversal zones
  • Step-by-step Guide "How to Count a Chart From Scratch"
Over 100 video lessons

Detailed explanations about every single rule and pattern you need to learn to improve your trading results. 

Real Life Case Studies

The Course includes dozens of videos showing how the model Five Wave fractal and Corrective patterns can be identified on actual charts of various US stock indices and stocks.

New Video Lesson Every Week

I will be adding new lessons to show you how the patterns you learned in the course can help you in the real life trading

I Am Here to Help

I will be happy to assist you in learning the material. Just let me know where you are struggling and I will give you additional comments. If you think some subject is not explained well enough I will prepare and record additional videos to make sure you understand and learn it