Banner of the BootCamp 1

You Will Learn How:
- to distinguish and count waves
- to set targets
- to find critical support and resistance and use them to set stops
- to catch tops and bottoms
- patiently wait for the best trading setup

You Will Know:
- what the best stocks are
- how to scan the market to find the best stocks
- why to check fundamentals of a company and how to do that in 1 minute
- how to keep track on the selected stocks and find a good entry

I Will Explain You How:
- beginners and professionals make decisions
- you can relieve yourself from the stress
- to hack your brain to be able to control fear and greed
- get into the "zone" where you effortlessly see setups without forcing yourself
- take your life back and never let trading steal it again

I Will Share My Trading Philosophy:
- travel worldwide and trade for a living
- stay detached from the market drama
- avoid setting goals
- never self blame or ruminate
- observe sentiment of the market and take advantage of it
- do what works and stop searching for the Holy Grail in trading

Price is $99 one time fee per person