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Micro Counts of
the US Indices

  • Futures ES, NQ, RTY
  • micro 15 and 45 min charts

Micro Counts of
Crude Oil & Natural Gas

  • Futures NG, CL
  • micro 15 and 45 min charts

Bottoming Value

  • Fundamental Analysis 
  • Wave Analysis 
  • You will be able to quickly recognize major patterns in the stock charts that get replayed in either a trending or sideways markets;
  • You will be armed with clear rules that work on any timeframe, from 1 minute to monthly and for any instrument including stocks, futures, commodities like gold and crude oil, currencies and crypto currencies;
  • You will be able to recognize topping and bottoming patterns and learn what is the most dangerous time to pick tops and bottoms and when it becomes a valid and reasonable trading strategy;
  • You will know how to distinguish trending market making new highs or lows from sideways or corrective market moving in countertrend direction;
  • You will be able to identify critical support levels in a bull market and resistance levels in bear markets that should become your hard stops.